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Dove Global IC Ltd.
, formerly DOVE GLOBAL TRADE SERVICE, was founded in British Columbia, Canada in August 1994. Dove was established especially to bridge business gaps between China, Canada, and United States and to utilize the multi-language and multi-professional skills and experience of an impressive array of managerial, consulting, and legal professionals who have many years of domestic and international business experience.
In the past decade, Dove Global provided project management training, project consulting case by case. Through service, Dove Global facilitated business in Canada and United States to take advantage of business opportunities, partnerships, and alliances with successful companies and suppliers in China; offered business in China an authentic channel to reach West and got connected to western businesses.

With these valuable connections and experience in business network and governments, in the next ten years, Dove Global will focus on serving the global communities for immigration, education and promoting cultural cities around the world.
The president and founder, Lily Harvey, is an experienced MBA and PMP, was a mechanical engineer and fashion model in China; her family includes medical doctors and international commercial lawyers. Born in China, she came to Canada in 1994 where she established several businesses and received her MBA. Her global vision in bridging companies in North America and China to do business and foreign trade, came true in 1994 with her first visit to Canada.
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