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Meet Our Team

Lily W Harvey
MBA, PMP, Imm. Consultant Dip., Mech. Eng.

 Lily’s Personal Motto: Integrity, Kindness and Confidence!

Lily is the founder of Dove Global IC Ltd., formerly Dove Global Trade Service in BC, Canada. With a global vision of Bridging the business/culture gap between China, Canada and USA.With her entrepreneurial experience, Project Management Professional designation and MBA Executive Management training in the cross cultural setting, to further improve her knowledge and capablity to serve and to lead, Lily never stop learning new things. Lily loves talented can-do people! Lily has been providing leadership to Dove Global and a group of high profile and dedicated business professionals. This opens doors to assist many clients who are ready to do business globally with purpose of growing and achiving abundance for personal life, business, Joy and Peace to our global communities.

19 years ago, as a mechanical engineer, with a global vision, Lily came to Canada and made her dream come true through her ventures including as a consultant in global trade during 1994-1995, as the CEO of the airport restaurant operation during 1996-1999; as a leader at her Executive MBA learning during 2001-2002; as the President of Dove Global assisted numerous North American companies entered China market during 2003 - 20011. In Lily's perspective of our future business and the way of growing peace and abundance on earth and in the universe, 2012 was a start of new era of do good together globally through linked with Lyoness, All Communication Network and Cool Trader Pro.
Under her leadership, 2013 and on, Dove Global has evolved her focus on

Project Management Mastering Training

Delegating Following Great Home Business Projects To Field Experts:

1. All Communication Network That Is Inspiring And Practical to Anyone
2. Distribute Water Alkaline Ionized Micro-Cluster Devises to protect and improve professionals health
3. Experimenting Cool Trader Pro Robotics Trading System with a purpose to serve clients for better ROI.

4. Promote World Venture Travel of Enjoying and Do-Good and Do-Biz Life Style
5. Support Lyoness' Business Model of Shopping Community to save more, do more together

To balance her professional life, Lily also spent quality time with her loved ones, volunteer to contribute her new findings, wisdom and information at a online bible group blog and share her inspiration at twitter.

More about Lily:
Lily's CV   Lily at Twitter  Lily's blog website   Lily's Photo Gallery   Lily at    
Lily was a prospective federal candidate at Burnaby-New Westminster riding for LPC (Mar 2007- June 2008)
Lily was nominated as a Director at Large for National Women's Liberal Commission, BC Chapter, 2008 LPCBC Policy Convention   
Lily led a team of 10 volunteers, within 45 days, excercised PM skills, run for VSB Trustee in Nov.2011 and won 20,314 Votes!
Audrey Foo
Technical project manager
Graduated from McGill University with a Bachelors of Engineering. Audrey has worked in IT industry for over 10 years, in various project leader roles; she was a director of the PHP Association, a frequent contributor speaker in Open Source Technology (OST) forums in North America. Her efforts have resulted a significant increase of OST's public reach.
Currently she is a senior associate partner of DoveGlobal as a technical project manager.

Victor Williams
Canadian Consultant

Founder of Prior to current working as a life strategist, a coach and marketing consultant, Vic was a forest engineer / project manager in troubleshooter projects ĘC planning for roads, bridges, and airfields.forest engineer / project manager in troubleshooter projects ĘC planning for roads, bridges, and airfields. As an autodidact, Taoist, and multi-faceted thinker, Vic has manytalents in developing, marketing, and supporting new products including software. His recent years' accomplishment of many coaching projects in China with his IT/Engineering background made him a unique consultant and a great asset for our China Program Team.


Darren is the President of 3rd Planet Graphics, a leading web design firm in BC. His company has been producing websites for over 15 years and has created several multilingual sites for international clients.

Having travelled through more than 87 countries around the world, Darren has acquired extensive global experience in understanding what clients require on an international level.

Darren was previously a professional photographer for over 10 years and brings this visually balanced perspective into our Dove Global team.

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